Tough weekend in Tassie 🤕

Tough weekend in Tassie 🤕

Hi Everyone,

Had a bit of a tough one this weekend in Tassie, didn’t feel like Chazmania unfortunately! 😮‍💨

Qualifying was really hard, we have a great race car but something is just a bit off with our set-up.

On Saturday afternoon I started down in P11 for the first race but made it up to P8 before the third lap which was where it all went pear-shaped. I got turned by another car which resulted in steering damage which put us out of the race, in these Gen3 Cars the steering rack just seems to crumple and take too long to fix for us to race. It wasn’t an ideal start to the weekend that’s for sure.

Come Sunday, struggled in Quali again with a lack of pace and started from outside the ten again for both races. In our first one, the team did an unreal pitstop (2.7s 🤙🏽 ) and I got the fastest lap on my way to getting up to P6.

In our final race I started back a bit again but made some good moves in the first half of the race before taking on two SuperSoft tyres. Coming out of the pits in P14 was able to make my way forward up to P6 again before the chequered flag.

One DNF & two P6’s, got a couple good points in the bank, still 3rd in the Championship so we’ll keep pushing along!

Chat after Darwin,