Struggle street in the Top End 🥴

Struggle street in the Top End 🥴

Hi Everyone,

It was a bit of a tough weekend for us in the Top End this weekend, wasn’t the results we were after this weekend but we did learn a lot about the car.

This weekend we really struggled with qualifying pace of the car but towards the end of the weekend we built a really strong race car - on Saturday the best we could do was P17 so we had our work cut-out for us in what would be a chaotic one.

Just after the race started we had a big hold up when Cam’s car caught on fire, that was crazy scary to see and glad he walked away from it.

We double stacked in the pits under that Safety Car and got up to P11 and pushed on, was able to make a solid overtake of three cars in one go in one corner towards the end which was probably our highlight of the day and finished P8.

On Sunday our morning started off with two back-to-back qualifying sessions that were really disappointing, we lined up P25 for both races due to lack of qualifying pace.

Starting from the back was tough, it was hot and we only had 35-laps to improve on P25, so we pushed on, took four tyres and got up to P13 with the fastest lap of the race.

Had a better run in our final race with strong race speed and was able to pick off cars one by one, took and aggressive four SuperSoft tyres and hunted down the field, in the end got up 15 spots to finish P9.

We showed good resilience when the chips were down so a massive thank you to the WAU team for their effort this weekend.

Dropped to 5th in the Championship which isn’t where we want to be but we’ll keep pushing and working to get back up the front.

Speak after Townsville!