Season Restart in Sydney 🤙🏽

Season Restart in Sydney 🤙🏽

Hey Guys,   

It’s been a long time coming, but we're back! 4 weekends at SMSP, out in the wild west! After 3 months of no racing, I was chomping at the bit to get back out there!

I was stoked to get through to the shootout on Saturday to start the weekend off. Bit of a scrappy lap when the crunch time came, but overall the car didn't quite have the pace like the rest did and qualified in P9 for the night race. 

It was rollercoaster start when the lights went out, down 2 spots off the line and then climbed back up into P7 by the end of the opening lap. Got on the end of Will Davison by Lap 5 and trailed him for a fair while but couldn’t get past! Pitted very early and undercut a fair few cars to move into P4, but faded late and finished P6. 

We chased our tail overnight to find a bit more go-go juice for the #25, but the pace was pretty much the same and qualified P10 & P8 for Sunday's races. 

I started well for the first race of the day and climbed up 2 spots instantly. Not much happened during the race but I snagged a late position towards the end and took the chequered the flag in P7. For the second race in the arvo, I was up 2 positions in the first 5 laps after starting in P8. The tyres started to wear as the race dragged on and I lost a position late, to make it a pair of P7 finishes for Sunday. 

The good news is we get to do it all again next week! We've got some improvements to make but I can't wait to get back out there. Chat to you guys this time next week. 




  1. Shane van Gisbergen, Red Bull Ampol Racing – 2198 points
  2. Jamie Whincup, Red Bull Ampol Racing – 1860 points
  3. Will Davison, Shell V-Power Racing - 1735 points
  4. Chaz Mostert, Mobil 1 Appliances Online Racing – 1702 points 
  5. Cameron Waters, Monster Energy Racing – 1670 points