Podium at The Great Race 🥈 ⛰

Podium at The Great Race 🥈 ⛰

Hi Guys,

What a weekend hey! Always one of the best of the year.

Ran through the motions working on our car and managed to secure 3rd in Qualifying which was good - put us in contention for Pole and a solo lap on Saturday arvo.

Unfortunately the Shootout got cancelled when the conditions were unfortunately deemed too dangerous, I was disappointed for everyone we didn’t get to put on a show in the Shootout.

A huge thanks to everyone who stuck around all day, the people that braved the rain are legends.

When it came to the race, we opted for Fabs to start and he did an unreal job! There was massive puddles, rivers and standing water causing havoc but he was killing it and running second.

Just over half way, Fabs gave me the keys after doing an amazing job all day to keep the car in the fight right up the front.

I was running 3rd and with 22 laps to go, the crew pulled the trigger on the final stop and after and awesome stop by the WAU crew I rejoined in 2nd.

It was a shootout to the end between Shane and I, qualifying laps for 40 laps, but I just lacked that last little bit to get past.

Hurts a bit to finish agonisingly short of a dream back-to-back, but so proud of everyone to get second, I love this team.

Fabs did a fantastic job, the team did absolutely everything they could, it just didn’t quite go as smooth as we wanted.

We definitely can’t be disappointed with standing on the Bathurst podium after the weekend, it hurts a little bit not to get that win, but still an amazing feeling.

The fans and partners were awesome this weekend they braved the conditions, so well done to everyone who made it through the weekend!

Hope to see some of you guys at my home race!