Making gains in the 'Ville 💪

Making gains in the 'Ville 💪

Hi Guys,

Gotta start off by saying - I love Townsville - it’s always such a good event and everyone has the best vibes so was stoked to be back there.

After Practice on Friday we went into Saturday and made the shootout from 7th and finished there on an older tyre, as long as I didn’t lose a place I really can’t complain!

It was good to get back to the long races, 88-laps with two stops, almost everyone did the same as us, running the first two stints on the hard tyre and saving the Super Soft until the final stages.

We had an aggressive strategy which put us up the front of the field and we’re looking like we might be on for a podium... but unfortunately, I bit off a little more than I could chew - the tyre let us down and I finished 9th.

Bit of a disappointing finish in the end there but we just didn’t have the tyre life to hang on late in the race.

Again on Sunday finished 7th in the Top Ten Shootout, had a good start and avoided what was going to be some absolute carnage on the opening lap.

We followed a similar strategy path to yesterday, saved the Super Soft tyre until the end and went aggressive in the final stint to try and grab a podium position but dropped back to 5th.

Didn’t get our hands on the trophy I was hunting for but it was a good weekend to make some gains with the #25 Rocket.

I’ll be packing my winter gear now for Adelaide and will speak to you all after The Bend!