Average Weekend at the AusGP 🏎️

Average Weekend at the AusGP 🏎️

Hi Everyone,

It’s always a massive weekend at the Australian Grand Prix, it’s always interesting to be a support category for the weekend and turn into the track sweepers 😂

First of our four days on track started on Thursday, had two practice sessions and flew into back-to-back qualifying sessions where we finished P4 & P10.

We knew Race 3 was going to be a tough one, it was really our first time racing a Gen3 car on a high speed circuit, with the Super Soft tyre and some drops of rain at the start of the race just screamed classic Melbourne. The Super Soft tyre lasted a bit longer than we thought it would so we ran long but with the final stops and some cars only changing two tyres we dropped to 5th and finished there.

Race 4 was a huge one for me 300th Supercars Race - pretty crazy to think I’ve got in a Supercar and completed with some of Australia’s best Driver’s 300 times, also makes me feel pretty old! Had a great start and jumped in to P5 in our already shortened race and saw Nick’s car flaming, glad he was able to get out in time and the teams were quick to put the fire out, the team did an awesome job to get it back on track for Saturday. We were in the fight when the first safety car came out and we stopped with effectively 4 laps to go, but a second safety car was called, so cars that hadn’t stopped yet were able to pit under safety car and rejoin in front of the train to the finish. Chequered flag flew when we still under the safety car and I was P4 so that was that.

On Saturday we had two back-to-back qualifying sessions and finished P10 & P2, our race in the afternoon was absolute chaos, got to dodge a wheel in pit lane on my way to P4 after some post-race penalties.

It was a tough ending to the weekend, on Sunday morning I started on the front row but just struggled so bad for tyre life and fell to the back, finished P14.

Overall, not our best weekend and we’ve got a bit of work to do ahead of the next round in about a month’s time.

Chat after Perth!